Monday, November 18, 2019
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COINage Confidential: Maurice Rosen

Maurice Rosen is best known as the editor and publisher of the widely acclaimed Rosen Numismatic Advisory (RNA) which provides in-depth analysis and market...

COINage Confidential: David Thomason Alexander

By David Thomason Alexander December 2019 will mark my 70th year as a coin and medal collector. It occurs to me that my life in...

COINage Confidential: Robert Fligel

For more than 15 years, Robert Fligel, a widely recognized and distinguished name in accounting circles, has pursued a serious involvement with rare coins...

COINage Confidential: Beth Deisher

In January of 2017 Beth Deisher was asked by coin industry leaders to leave retirement to lead an effort to combat counterfeit coins entering the United States. She is currently serving as director of anti-counterfeiting and coordinates the work of the all-volunteer 36-member Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force, supported entirely by donations and the 501-C-3 Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation.  

COINage Confidential: Donald Kagin

Editor's Note: "COINage Confidential" is a column that spotlights the movers and shakers in coin collecting and shares their insider views on the hobby. Donald Kagin,...

COINage Confidential: David W. Lang

By Maggie Judkins David W. Lange has served as director of research for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation since 1994 and is the author of nine books...